Detachable Phone Camera Lenses

Detachable Phone Camera Lenses


Are you in that middle place between cell phone party shot snapper and arty DSLR-hauler? Not quite ready to commit to a camera and lens that cost you hundreds, but still want to take better than average photos? Photojojo might just have your fix. Their three cell phone lenses will transform your phone's camera into a tiny professional piece.

Most smartphone cameras boast pretty high megapixels as it stands, so really the only thing separating a phone camera from your average digital model is the size of the lens. These three easily attached lenses each give your phone a different photographic edge. You've got your wide angle/macro lens, which lets you take close-up shots with surprising levels of detail. You can get big, wide shots from far away or sneak up close to document the tinier things. The fisheye lens, meanwhile, will get you those trendy curved edges and distorted images that everybody seemed to be really excited about in the early '90s. The telephoto lens just enhances whatever zoom power you've already got by 2 for sneaky faraway shots. 

The lenses latch on to your phone with a magnetic ring, meaning they'll just click right on without any kind of installation hassle. I'm guessing they probably won't work too well if you've got a rubber backing or case on your phone, though, and I imagine they'd be pretty easy to knock off and drop if you're not careful. They're probably not the best for concert use. 

Still, they're awfully cheap when it comes to camera lenses, which tend to be enormous and expensive items. The telephoto and wide/macro lenses will set you back $20 each, while the fisheye runs $25. Or you can pick up all three at once in a $49 package deal. Whichever you buy, it'll come with a little key ring attachment so you can be sure to have your miniature pro lens with you at all times. 

While the lenses are made of quality glass and probably will enhance the already-decent quality of iPhone (or comparable) shots, they're not likely to magically transform a terrible cell phone camera into a great one. So if you're still rocking an old slider phone, these lenses might not be the best investment in the world. But if you want a more portable and less expensive way to get some solid shots onto your Instagram feed, these little add-ons might just do the trick.