I Masturbate

I Masturbate

Hey, doesn’t everybody?  May is National Masturbation Month, and in order to celebrate, artist Shilo McCabe is hosting the “I Masturbate…” project, otherwise known as The Sex Positive Photo Project. (Note: the site features adult content and is not suitable for the workplace and may not be suitable for some viewers, either.)

McCabe wants people to submit photos of themselves—what else?—masturbating in order to showcase a photo every day throughout May. Each photo will be accompanied by a caption that begins with “I masturbate…” followed by a personal statement from each participant. These may include insights on why they masturbate, or how, or why it’s important, or what the best thing about masturbation is. The goal is to create a sex-positive revolution throughout the month.

As McCabe recently told members of a Sex Positive gathering, the best thing to do to become more Sex Positive is to “masturbate!” This month-long campaign was inspired by this comment that came from her heart.

The artist is planning on shooting the photos in the San Francisco area. Interested participants can visit her blog for more details. Not every photo will be explicit, though sensuality and eroticism, as well as plain fun, will surely be featured.

More of McCabe’s Sex Positive work can be seen at her blog, which features some gorgeous photography—from partial nudes to elaborate costumes and other lovely photos. We could all definitely take a lesson from McCabe’s book—not only in the joy of masturbation but also in the beauty of sex.