Photo Project Ideas for the New Year

Photo Project Ideas for the New Year

A photo blog that I used to follow on a fairly regular basis (Photojojo) has now delivered to its audience a newsletter format. The content is still just as engaging as it was when it was a simple photography blog.

The creators of Photojojo have also opened up a store of the most bizarre and odd photography gadgets that you could find anywhere on the web. They’re also planning to create a new online store front called, Material and have quite the promising job offer for anyone interested.

Recently, Photojojo featured an article dedicated to photo projects suggested for the New Year. One of my favorites is the daily photo concept idea of taking photos from where you’re standing. This idea may be great, specifically for someone who loves the idea of taking photos and sharing their photography regularly, but doesn’t enjoy having pictures of them taken.

Looking up the hashtag #fromwhereistand will produce results where you can view collections of photos people have submitted showing their feet. Whatever else may be in the picture could possibly allude to where the picture was snapped.

Perhaps you enjoy going to the same picnic table under the same oak tree for lunch every day of the work week. The shade there allows the sun to shine through the many branches of that oak directly on your smiling cheekbones, it’s perfect. Why not start showing daily photographic evidence of your favorite chill out spot at work? That’s exactly what Paul Octavius did in his series: “Same Hill, Different Day”.

You can read more about these ideas and get inspiration for your own concepts and designs here.