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Photo Round Up For The Week

Images that caught my eye this week came mostly from the PopSci flickr group Not just photos relating to science or gadgets (as you might think from a photo pool run by Popular Science magazine) the images are diverse, colorful and cultural.

Their winning image this week was by Chad Lehman and a nice use of drawing the viewer's focus into the subject by using a contract of black and white and color.

Another image from the pool which tries to use the same technique, but a little clumsier is this one by ScienceLover . While I don't hate this image, it could have been improved with a more skillful hand at colorization, and a better composition that would have had less clutter and more negative space to really give the subject more impact.  The image seems too busy for me, and distracts from a nice idea.

One of my colleagues forwarded me this funny image this week,  which I include for giggles (well it is Friday after all) is this one.

Hmm, anyone fancy a nice bike ride in Florida this holiday weekend?  (Those are alligators at the side of the road, by the way, in case it's not clear from the photo.) No takers? Oh well.

Perhaps a vacation in Mt Ranier?  Photographer Kevin Pieper 's image certainly makes it look appealing.  This image was Photo Of the Day today at

Or if you feel like travelling a litte further afield, the images at Vonaggy 's photo blog will inspire you to visit New Zealand.

For more great images, I recommend checking out The Times photo competition.  The standards are incredible, and the subjects are diverse.