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Remembering 2011

Photographically speaking, 2011 was a very destructive year, physically and emotionally. A Tsunami tore up Japan in March. Then, a little later in the year, protests broke out in Cairo, Egypt. Riots struck in London in August. While in September and October, Occupy protests broke out worldwide. Suddenly police were legally allowed to spray protesters when the FDA classified pepper spray as a vegetable.

Also, thanks to our ever increasing capacity for technology, Google street view was able to show a stark before picture to the aftermath of a tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri back in May. A month before, in April a tornado struck Concord, Alabama.

It was also a time for remembering and American pride. This year, we solemnly noted that it was the 10th year anniversary of 9/11. While in Norway, on July 22nd, folks gathered to remember the 93 victims of yet another terror bombing that occurred in the twin towers in downtown Oslo. On May 2nd, we got Osama Bin Laden. Back in June, in New York, same sex marriage was finally made legal.

This couple (pictured), photographed by Stan Honda, was the first same sex couple that was married at the City Clerk's office in Manhattan. You can view the entire collection of images that highlight events throughout the year here. Included in this collection is the bizarre image of a massive dust storm in July about to roll through Phoenix, Arizona. It literally looked like a Tsunami of dust, encompassing not merely low lying buildings, but towering over skyscrapers too.