May 2009

Bryan Adams the Photographer

Bryan Adams may have been rocking the world with his music since the 'Summer of 69', but he's shown over the past decade that he's a very good photographer too.
Adams, born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1959, was fortunate enough to have traveled parts of the world as a youngster as his father was a diplomat. He spent part of his younger years growing up in the Middle East and Europe, before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Although primarily known for his music, Adams has gained a strong reputation for his photography, particularly for his work in the fashion world, and received a LeadAward for his photographs 2006.

Amazing High Speed Photographs

My favorite collection of images that I came across this week was a showcase of high speed photography .   Modern technology is allowing photographers a whole new lease of life as they are challenged to stretch their creative abilities to keep up with advances in cameras, processing and printing.  Images like these would previously have required a high degree of attention to details such as lighting, camera stability, shutter speeds and f stops, and would likely still have resulted in blurring or 'ghosting' which the photographer would have used creatively as a deliberate part of the style.  Now, however, high speed images can show the same clarity and macro details as any other image,  opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for the adventurous photographer.

Chronicling the Good Life

George Allen Aarons, better known as Slim Aarons, could be regarded as one of the earliest paparazzi photographers as he enjoyed capturing various celebrities, socialites, and jet setters about town.
Aarons was born in New York on October 29, 1916 and showed an interest in photography from an early age.  Even as a teenager,  he knew how to use a camera very well, and by the time he was 18, he was working as a photographer in the U.S. Army, at West Point.

Another Meaning for Memory Cards

Digital cameras have definitely been one of mankind's greatest inventions over the past few decades. They are able to take great photographs of scenery, people and situations of course, but there are several other situations where taking a digital photo can come in handy.  One of the best things about digital compared to film is that the images are quick to take, quick to view and quick to throw, making them an ideal memory aid.

Here are seven ways to use your memory card as a substitute for your own memory: